Versatile Style: The Onyx Black KOTTO Gachi Shirt for Every Occasion

We all know that one of the most attractive colours in these current times in Onyx Black. Since most of us are a fan of this colour than we should all check out the new KOTTO Gaachi buttoned up shirt in Onyx Black. It gives you that elgant and decent vibe without making you look ostentisious. It’s a shirt which is suitable for every occasion and yet comfortable as well.

One main unique feature of this shirt is that this shirt is a regular fit. Unlike those skinny fitted, tight shirts literally wrapped around your body which sometimes make it a little ordeal for you to move, this a comfy shirt which does not even make you a little uncomfortable. Another reason why this shirt is comfortable and breathable is because it is made of pure cotton.

It’s a three buttoned formal shirt making it a mixture of both eastern and western attire. The buttons are red in colour and the reason being that is because those colours are easily noticeable from a further distance when you are wearing this shirt.

It’s made of fabrics which are mostly suitable for the summer, meaning this is a really good product to beat the heat so you wouldn’t have to get worried about your body getting sweaty.

It’s an artisan made product with a unique cultural touch added to it. One benefit of this product being handmade is that it reduces the carbon footprint in our enviorment. Since global warming is a major issue in our society and we are taking a step forward in reducing it by choosing a fabric which is enviormental friendly, which helps our customers to cope up with summers.

This is a budget friendly shirt and we continuously keep updating our collection according to the feedback given by our customers. We are one of the best online stores in Pakistan who not only accommodate women but men as well to upgrade their wardrobe and helping them in following the fashion trend.

Experience the versatility of the Onyx Black KOTTO Gaachi shirt, crafted from pure cotton for unbeatable comfort. Perfect for any event, this stylish peace is a wardrobe must-have.

This shirt can styled with all types of formal pants and jeans and variety of colours as well.  This shirt would mostly look good with Khaki pants, white pants and black jeans.

Men who wish to look fashionable and feel comfortable in the summers can wear this regular fit. They can replace their mundane T-shirts with this regular fit shirt, they are stylish and a useful option for men due to their versatility in regards to different looks and events.  For those who love to wear cotton, KOTTO Gachi is for them.

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